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I'd like to welcome everyone to illninofans the brand new Ill Niño community on Live Journal.

"There wasn't a decent Ill Niño community on Live Journal before this one was created. We promise that this community will stay up-to-date, active, and will never be abandoned by its maintainers."

"Feel free to ... post anything related to the band including news, tour dates, pictures, downloads, lyrics, wallpapers, buddy icons, album & show reviews, etc."

The only rules here are:
- Stay on topic (unrelated posts will be deleted);
- Put large and multiple images behind an <lj-cut>;
- DO NOT promote your community and/or band excessively;
- DO NOT post links or tags for rating communities;
- Be courteous to other members of the community.

Otherwise just enjoy your time here and help us spread the word!

- Ill Niño Fans Community Info

Your maintainers are myself and midgetgirl. If you need anything, feel free to contact either of us. Thanks!

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